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Northern California:

Eric Anderson: (415) 595-7732

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Dan Schlund: (469) 223-6888
Fax: (702) 995-9138

Scruffy, the Bull Whippin', Gun Twirlin' Japaneese speakin' Cowboy

Scruffy, aka Eric Anderson, has been entertaining audiences in American and Japan for 20 years with his extremely precise whip crackin', Smokin-Fast gun twirling and volunteer rich performances.

Anyone can crack a whip! Scruffy is dead-on accurate. What makes Scruffy different is his accuracy. So accurate that one brave volunteer will get a close up view of his bull whipping skills.

Eric spent 15 years entertaining ten's of thousands of guest at Japan's Western Village. Eric speaks fluent Japaneese, is appropriate for all ages and perfect for any venue.

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Scruffy Specialties

Bull Whipping Artist

With over five thousand shows under his 'gun' belt Scruffy is precise, funny and always safe.No Smoking

Scruffy say's no to smoking in his own special way!

Scruffy's anti-cigerette campaign show is great for school programs.

Gun Twirling Fool

Gun Twirlin leads to one thing -- Quick Draw!

How fast are you compared to Scruffy. Choose your very own "Scruffy" in your audience to test their speed against Scruffy.

No one beats Scruffy in the quick draw contest.


Plus Magic, Lassoing and Tomahawk throwing!

Scruffy's performance dosn't just stop at whippin' and gun play.

Scruffy highlights his skills with a little magic, audience throwing and lassoing tomahawks.

Wait that's wrong... We mean Audience Lassoing and tomahawk throwing.